Holiday Special 42
(May 2015)

The Holiday Special brings with it the madness of the holidays. How else do you explain a pixie that loves to eat bricks of all things! Don’t believe us? Then check out Curtain to the Other Land. Even the animals have caught the holiday fever for they’ve taken to playacting in Animals Go Wild. And then you have The New House where something’s lurking in the darkness and Hide and Shriek where the ghosts have invented crazy games out of sheer boredom! A wild new story from the special Tantri the Mantri, made just for the Holiday Special, is Mantri Missing! Yes you read it right, Tantri has gone missing and everyone’s searching for him.

Take a breath and relax. Want to feel all light and floaty, then check out the happenings in Weightless Wonders. Breeze right through to The Last House on the Street where strange sounds and happenings are at work, and round up the holiday craziness with Clueless Being, the tale of a girl who tries on different avatars all to figure out what she wants to be. Of course, you have the truckloads of cool puzzles, phrases, mysteries and fun activities.

Happy Holidays!

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