Tinkle 632
(April 2015)

Our theme this month is Lost Cities. Ancient Wonders in which we explore the wonders lost in the mist of time.

What do you do when you have a surplus crop of bananas? If you are Pyarelal, you’ll be Going Bananas! Your problems are not over yet for you have to write a story for your English composition but your brain has gone on vacation. So what do you do? Go out In Search of a Tale! Forget problems, if you were Suppandi’s employer, you’ve just taken on a headache. Imagine the havoc Suppandi can wreak in a detective agency, especially if he goes Elementary! A relief for that headache is a fun story, Four Eyes and Robochomp, followed up with the conclusion to Kalia the Crow’s Two’s Company, Three’s a Gang. The fun meter climbs sky high when Billy takes off on a ride that scares the afterlife out of him in Make No Bones.

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