Tinkle Digest 280
(April 2015)

April is the month to let your hair down. Exams have ended and summer vacations are just around the corner. Say sayonara to school and turn your life upside down with Tinkle Digest’s Topsy-Turvy issue! The Tinkle world takes a spin for the better as Rahul and Ravi of the Defective Detectives are calm and cautious while Sam buzzes around impulsively on a sugar rush. Tantri the Mantri gets his plans crisscrossed and is stuck with caring for a cute and cuddly Baby Hooja, much to his annoyance.

Plus! An easy do-it-yourself prank to play this April Fools’ Day!

Plus! Jojo the Space Doughnut goes on an adventure to rescue a cronut!

Plus! Samson challenges the mean-spirited school scholar to a Hi! School battle!

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