Tinkle Digest 279
(March 2015)

Exams are around the corner, but you can’t stare at your books all the time, can you? This March, Tinkle Digest offers you a break from your studies with The Exam Issue. Rewind to Tantri’s high school days when he schemed to become the Prom King. Shambu goes on holiday to Australia and clashes with a killer crocodile. Rahul and Ravi, the Defective Detectives vow to stay clean on Holi but Sam has other plans as she chases them around town with colours in Battlefield Holi.

Plus! A do-it-yourself guide to art you can eat!

Plus! A list of fictional schools we would love to study in!

Plus! Trouble Notes: A lovely story of sharing and caring during times of competitive exams!

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