Tinkle 772
(January 2021)

What’s Special?

  • Aadi plans to reach the school’s secret tunnels from inside Principal Ashira’s office. But what happens when his plan Backfires? Read the NOIS story to find out.
  • Also, why are all the creatures missing from the Borivali National Park? And why do some of them attack Aisha and her friends? Join them in SuperWeirdos: Crack! Baa! Baa! to uncover the mystery.
  • Suppandi is working as an interior designer’s assistant in Decorating Disaster and his idea of designing a room will surely make you laugh out loud. 
  • Who is responsible for breaking into a Cyber Cell and releasing hundreds of tiny robots on a beach? Follow WingStar and the Starlition In Deep Water to know more.
  • Then join Ravi and Rahul, the Defective Detectives who are all set to enjoy their school funfair but something is amiss. Find out if they are seeing two of everything in A Terrible Time.
  • Mo is really excited for her first camping trip with her sisters. But will she be able to enjoy the snacks and fun activities? Find out in Ina Mina Mynah Mo: No Pain!
  • Also find out how Shikari Shambu becomes The Accidental Hero, this time in Iceland!
  • Raja Hooja is hosting a party to celebrate Laddoo joining the Royal Society for Pets! Beware! Tantri the Mantri has been busy plotting. Find out if he succeeds in the Party of His Life.
  • Finally, join Ben and Ron who have just moved to Goa. Will they make any new friends there? Find out in Baking Bonds.

Also Starring:

An art teacher has realized that two of his students have cheated in their project submission. You Be The Detective and sniff them out in Mystery at the Museum. And don’t forget to check out some bizarre, yet real news stories in Tinkle Times.

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