Tinkle 770
(December 2020)

What’s Special?

  • How is Little Suppandi planning to wash his friend's pet? Find out in Pet Care and get stumped.
  • Mo is really excited for her first camping trip with her sisters. But will she be able to enjoy the snacks and fun activities? Find out in Ina Mina Mynah Mo: No Pain!
  • Celebrate A Very Unmerry Christmas with Tantri the Mantri who tries to take down Raja Hooja, again. This time with a robot! Read the story to find out if his dreams of becoming king finally come true.
  • It is time to vote for your favourite Tinkle Toons, issues, covers and more because Tinkle Awards is back!
  • Do you think you have the sharpest eye? Then take part in Tinkle's Scavenger Hunt and get a chance to win an exciting prize.

Also Starring:

Dheer, Mina and Aisha try to solve some problems and answer readers’ questions in Dear Tinkle. And Kooki, Tinkle’s biggeesssst fan, is sitting down with Sam, Shikari Shambu, Shanti and Little Suppandi’s mother for an interview. Get all the scoop in Tinkle Talk Show. Finally, check out some bizarre, yet real news stories in Tinkle Times.

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