Tinkle 766
(November 2020)

What’s Special?

  • Meet Roxann who is having a hard time learning how to swim in the beginners’ class. Read Forward Strides to find out if she succeeds!
  • NOIS has started a new bicycle share scheme. Will the students be able to enjoy this ride or fall prey to Cycle Sickness after an interesting relay race? Read the story to find out!
  • Suppandi, the Employee of the Century,has shocked his boss by following her instructions. Read the story and laugh out loud when you see what he has done.
  • Do you think you have the sharpest eye? Then take part in Tinkle's Scavenger Hunt and stand a chance to win an exciting prize!

Also Starring:

Readers Ask Suppandi some interesting questions. Be prepared because his answers will make you laugh till your tummy hurts! Yug, Sahir and Aisha try to solve some problems and answer readers’ questions in Dear Tinkle. Someone has eaten Anisha’s cake and that’s made her cry. You Be the Detective and sniff out the thief in Cake Theft. And don’t forget to read some interesting and funny real-life incidents sent by our readers in It Happened To Me.

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