Tinkle 627
(November 2014)

On Children's Day this November, is Tinkle's 34th Anniversary. No wonder then that we are set for the grandest party of all time! And the biggest party favour is our theme for the month, Wish Upon a Tinkle Star, where, as a token of our love for our readers, we are fulfilling their wishes in the form of stories and features that they have asked for.

In fact, the Tinkle toons Shikari Shambu, Tantri the Mantri and Billy the Vampire are going on adventures to places hand-picked by our dearest readers! Who knows what perils come their way? It is an issue of surprises after all, especially for Billy the Vampire.

Speaking of surprises, the Tinkle Anniversary issue shall also be revealing the bumper-prize winner of 'Feedback Meter', a contest that ran in Tinkle from May to August, as well as the winners of the 18th Tinkle Original Story Competition. Fingers crossed, everyone!

And speaking of fingers... we assure you that they have a lot of page-turning in store for them because the issue is bumper 100-pager. And inside these pages, all of Tinkle's well-loved toons are waiting for you. What's more, they have even got together in a mega all-star mash-upjust for you! Make sure you grab your copy and don't keep them waiting!

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