Tinkle 759
(October 2020)

Sail the sea of stories with a new Tinkle issue every Monday! Enjoy stories starring your favourite Tinkle Toons. Chuckle at Suppandi’s antics, find out how the ‘lionhearted’ Shikari Shambu saves animals, join the Defective Detectives on a crazy ride as they chase criminals and soar the skies with WingStar! You can also learn interesting trivia and do some fun activities featured in your favourite magazine.

What’s Special?              

  • Little Suppandi is asked to pay attention in class. What happens next in School Trouble will make you laugh out loud.
  • Shikari Shambu is in Adelaide, Australia at an animal sanctuary. Read Blunder Down Under to find out if he can foil an animal kidnapping.
  • Aisha and her SuperWeirdo friend Mandeep have to expose a thief at a farmer’s market. Find out if they succeed in Flap Flap.


Also Starring:

Read some interesting facts that Aadi and Nadia have found about animal siblings in Top That!: Sibling Bonds. Join the Tinkle Team in a game of name, place, animal, thing in NPAT with the letter K. Learn how to make a delicious snack with Fun Recipes: Yogurt Bites. Finally, check out some bizarre, yet real news stories in Tinkle Times.

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