Tinke 756
(September 2020)

This week is extra special for the Tinkle Team and the Toons who are celebrating Uncle Pai’s birthday! Join them on this fun-filled joy ride.

What’s Special?

  • Join our two Know-It-Alls, Mynah and Sam, as they talk about Tinkle’s beloved Uncle Pai!
  • What Do You Mean?Little Suppandi asks his mother when she warns him against wasting time. Find out what he makes of that.
  • Raja Hooja’s cat has turned into a scary monster again! Read Pet Pains to find out if Tantri will  be able to turn him back into a cat.
  • Meet Noor who gets into big trouble for breaking his sister’s telescope in Not Again!

Also Starring:

Rayna, Little Shambu and Ina try to solve some problems and answer readers’ questions in Dear Tinkle.

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