Tinkle 753
(August 2020)

Take a sneak peak into the lives of the Tinkle Toons with the new issue of Tinkle. Spend this week with the Defective Detectives, WingStar and your favourite–Little Suppandi!

What’s Special?

  • Laugh at Little Suppandi’s plan to bring rains and delay his exams in Water Plan.
  • Ravi and Rahul, the Defective Detectives have landed a new case. They’re chasing a criminal who wants to release a stinky perfume. Read Scent of a Criminal to find out if they catch this crook.
  • WingStar is determined to save hostages in a water supply plant. But will someone help her when the criminals wear her down in Plant in Peril?
  • Know more about José’s brilliant plan to earn some money by tricking a mule seller in No Way, José.


Also Starring:

Sam and the Defective Detectives are at it again! This time they’re exchanging some facts about the brain in Know-It-All: Brian Bamboozle.

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