Tinkle 752
(August 2020)

Hop on the Tinkle express and find out what the Toons have been doing. Tighten your seat belts because a hilarious and adventurous journey is about to begin.

What’s Special?

  • What makes a frightened Suppandi Call the Cops? Something that makes Maddy laugh out loud! Be sure to check it out.
  • Ina Mina Mynah Mo and Jaggu try really hard to hide Squirrel from Bina. Read The Big Visitor to find out if they succeed.
  • Join Ved and the Smart Brains as they try to foil a robbery in the thriller story, Child’s Play.

Also Starring:

Rayna, Mad Mixer and Sam try to solve some problems and answer readers’ questions in Dear Tinkle. And Kooki, Tinkle’s biggeesssst fan, is sitting down with Mad Mixer, Angelina, Ustad Sti and Naagranth for an interview. Get all the scoop in Tinkle Talk Show.

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