Tinkle 751
(August 2020)

Spend another fun-filled week with a brand new issue of Tinkle. Leave boredom behind as you dive into the world of the Tinkle Toons.

What’s Special?

  • Little Suppandi wants to pet cute puppies. Find out how he does that in Bow Wow.
  • Join Shikari Shambu, the All-round Champion, in Hinohara, Japan. Will he be able to enjoy a local fair when duty calls?
  • Aisha gets really bored at a museum for towels, until she spots someone stealing an artefact. Can she stop them with her new SuperWeirdo friend? Find out in Wub Wub!

Also Starring:

Read all the interesting facts that Shambu and Shanti have found about chocolates in Top That!: Sweet Facts. Join the Tinkle Team in a game of NPAT with the letter I. Share the jokes from Fun-A-Thon with your friends and family and tickle their funny bone. Laugh out loud while playing with a funny flip book that you can learn to make in Do-It-Yourself: Face Swap. Finally, check out some bizarre, yet real news stories in Tinkle Times.

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