Tinkle 747
(July 2020)

It’s already a new week? That means a new Tinkle issue! Strap on your seatbelts because this joyride is about to begin.

What’s Special?

  • Aisha has made a new friend at a camp and has to now expose a cheat in a bowling match. Find out what the two friends have planned in SuperWeirdos: Tap Tap Tap.
  • Shikari Shambu is in Okinawa, Japan where he is being asked to tag a dugong under the sea. Join him on An Underwater Ride and laugh at his struggles.
  • When it comes to lice, Little Suppandi has The Solution! Find out what it is.

Also Starring:

Read Top That!: Word Wobble where Dheer and Aadi are trying to one up each other in a battle about words in foreign languages. Join the Tinkle Team in a game of NPAT with the letter H. Share the jokes from Fun-A-Thon with your friends and family and tickle their funny bone. Finally, check out some bizarre, yet real news stories in Tinkle Times.

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