Tinkle 746
(July 2020)

Read another fun-filled issue of Tinkle. Join your favourite Toons on their hilarious and adventurous journeys.

What’s Special?

  • The YogYodhas come face to face with some dangerous, magical creatures. Find out who they are and what they want in Crash! (Part 2).
  • Senti, Sunep and Naro are in a museum in Nagaland, trying to finish their school project. Join them to know what happens when they bump into some robbers in Museum Trouble.
  • How does Little Suppandi think birds are born? Find out in Seed Deed and laugh out loud.

Also Starring:
Two students have cheated and are lying about their school submission. You Be The Detective and solve the case in Rainy Day. And don’t forget to read some interesting and funny real-life incidents sent by our readers in It Happened To Me.

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