Tinkle Digest 342
(July 2020)

What’s Special?

  • Find out what happens when Mina, Mynah and Mo are left alone under the charge of their  older sister, Ina, in Ina Mina Mynah Mo: House Invasion.
  • What scary adventures await Shikari Shambu as he goes on a hike with a few kids? Read the story to know more.
  • Watch how the simpleton Vassily gets the better of his shrewd and cunning brother, Ivan, in The Magic Pumpkin.
  • What happens when a little sparrow has a craving for payasam? Read The Payasam Craving to find out how she finally gets to eat the sweet dish.

Also starring:

What do you do when you go through writer’s block? How do you come up with a story? Find some answers as a little boy goes In Search of a Tale

Laugh out loud as Suppandi gets his hand on priceless treasure when he goes exploring with his new employer in Suppandi Becomes Rich

Frogs and magic brooms? Is there a witch in the forest? Watch as Purvi and Preeti find out the mystery behind The Old Woman in the Woods.

Join Joshua and Jacob as they set off on a long journey and encounter strange rules in far-off villages. Will they save their lives? Read The Two Travellers to know what happens next.

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