Tinkle 744
(June 2020)

End the month of June on a high with a new issue of Tinkle. Get ready to laugh out loud at the Toons’ adventures.

What’s Special?

  • It’s Picnic Day! Ina, Mina and Mo are all geared up to go on an exciting picnic, except... Mynah has fallen ill! Does she get better and do they end up going on their little adventure? Find out in Atishoo Issue.
  • Eureka! Tantri the Mantri finally has a potion to end the nasty jelly monster that has been haunting him. Join him in Pet Peeve to find out if he succeeds or creates more trouble for himself.
  • See what Little Suppandi does to his mother’s shopping list in To-do List that makes her smack her head.

Also Starring:

Ina, Bir and Nadia answer some questions sent by readers and help them solve their problems in Dear Tinkle. And Kooki, Tinkle’s biggeesssst fan, is sitting down with Suppandi, Hoki, Shubh and Sandhya for an interview. Get all the scoop in Tinkle Talk Show.

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