Tinkle 742
(June 2020)

Check out the new issue of Tinkle this week. A fresh set of stories full of excitement that is sure to make you smile.

What’s Special?

  • Join Kaia who teaches her parents and brother an important lesson in Gift Goof-up.
  • Find out whether a new NOISian who immediately becomes a Teacher’s Pet is able to earn brownie points from the NOIS gang too.
  • Read about the YogYodhas who come across some strange roots on Kuruva Island and stumble upon a bigger mystery in Crash!
  • Follow Little Suppandi who has joined a Karate Class where his cute antics are sure to make everyone laugh.


Also Starring:

Help Inspector Amaana solve a case and protect Professor Sukhi’s research papers in You Be the Detective: Morning Mystery. And don’t forget to read some interesting and funny real-life incidents sent by our readers in It Happened To Me.

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