Tinkle 740
(May 2020)

What’s Special?

The latest issue of Tinkle is here! Get ready for an exciting journey with your favourite Tinkle Toons.

  • Aisha has made a new SuperWeird friend called Mikhail. Join them this summer as they take on a school project that gives some people the chills, in SuperWeirdos: Brrrrr!
  • Read Dress Redress to find out whether Amayra’s opinions about her hometown change as she gears up to celebrate Eid al-Fitr.
  • Mynah is helping her sister with a school project on International Biodiversity Day. Find out everything that Mynah knows in Know-It-All: Protect, Don’t Attack.

Also Starring:
Find out how Shikari Shambu becomes The Accidental Hero, this time in Iceland! Tantri orders DeadHit and Dushta to take care of the jelly monster he created. Check out Tantri the Mantri: Jelly Belly to see if they succeed or just cook up more trouble for Tantri. Join Diljit, Dilbaag and their sister Banee in Calamity Cavern as they find a cave visited by aliens! But what happens when they uncover the truth behind these aliens? And finally laugh at Little Suppandi’s idea of making his bed in Do-It-Yourself and look at what Suppandi uses to see In the Darkness.

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