Tinkle 739
(May 2020)

What’s Special?

Start your summer holidays with the latest issue of Tinkle! Read stories filled with thrill, adventure and lots of laughter.

  • Welcome the summer with a new case that Ravi and Rahul, the Defective Detectives have stumbled upon. Read Pool Pickle to find out if they solve the mystery behind their missing swimming floats!
  • This Mother’s Day, follow Adil, Deba and their mother as they encounter an alien invasion in Thrillers: Mama Knows Best.
  • Join Mynah and Sam as they trade some cool facts to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day in Know-It-All: Travelling Wings.

Also Starring:
Aadi, Nadia, Dheer and Rayna have gone looking for the ghost of their school’s founder but who do they meet instead? Read NOIS: Midnight Mayhem to find out. Join Mina, Mynah and Mo as they teach their cousin a lesson in Ina Mina Mynah Mo: Bully Comes Home. Follow Bouki as he sets out In Search of Wheeeeai and gets tricked by Ti Malice. Laugh along with Suppandi as he explains some movie stunts in Stunt Buster. And finally, check out Little Suppandi to see how he stumps his teacher in Profession Correction.

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