Tinkle Digest 340
(April 2020)

What’s Special?

  • Find out what happens when Tantri the Mantri sets a scary trap for Raja Hooja in The Haunted Palace
  • Join Maganlal, a thief, to know how he proves his skill to King Veerendra in Three Tasks for a Thief
  • What lesson does a fox teach a wolf for cheating her? Read Outfoxed! to find out.
  • Find out what Suppandi does when he takes some cows out to graze in Cooked Food

Also starring:

Read Sudha Murthy’s story to find out how she taught someone to read in My First Student.

Giggle at Bhola and his family’s mistake that made their guests run for their lives in Three Candy Guests.

Check out how Shikari Shambu manages to capture a baboon for some government officials. 

Find out how Rashid and Hari uncover Lala Thadduram’s unfair tricks in …And the Secret Leaked Out.

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