Tinkle Digest 339
(March 2020)

What’s Special?

  • Tantri the Mantri has hired an Assassin to get rid of Raja Hooja, but not all goes according to plan when the assassin’s identity is revealed.
  • Read The Yellow Bicycle to find out how Ajay exposes a criminal and saves a young boy.
  • Next, laugh at Suppandi as he tries to post an unusual letter in the Secret Address.
  • Join David as he gears up to celebrate his birthday with his favourite Chocolate Truffle Cake.

Also starring:

Dushantlal’s wife asks him to buy something strange for her in Looking for Patience.

Shikari Shambu helps officials capture a baboon.

When Theseus and the Minotaur come face to face, will Theseus be able to beat the monster and save his people?

In The Case of the Socks, Ramprasad stuns everyone at a wedding with his socks!

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