Tinkle 732
(January 2020)

What’s Special?

Tinkle’s latest issue is here! Get your hands on it today for your regular dose of laughter, fantasy and adventure, all packed in one handy magazine!

  • Trouble is brewing amongst sisters Ina Mina Mynah Mo as Mynah is preparing for her Republic Day speech and Mo has to practice for her parade march. Find out what happens Behind the Scenes in this issue
  • This Republic Day, join Ravi and Rahul. the Defective Detectives as they try to uncover the mystery behind some stolen DVDs in Rickshaw Ruckus.

Also Starring:

Join Ayush as he tries to Dress It Up to go to a party by raiding his brother’s wardrobe. Tantri the Mantri is back to plotting against Hooja. Will all go as planned in New Beginnings or is there an unexpected surprise waiting for Tantri? Check out what happens when Naagranth the king cobra’s foot soldiers encounter Matru the mongoose in Big Baan in The Enemies’ Dance. The YogYodhas hear a Rumble and go on an adventurous quest with their Praanis. Finally laugh out loud with Suppandi and Little Suppandi in Tea Time Fiesta and An Old Misunderstanding.

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