Tinkle 731
(January 2020)

What’s Special?

Pick up Tinkle’s first issue of 2020! Start your new year with stories full of excitement, thrills and laughter. And watch out for some surprises as Tinkle turns 40 this year!

  • Celebrate New Year’s Day with NOISians Aadi and Nadia at their New Year’s Carnival along with the NV students in Happy New Year?
  • This Lohri, join Iqra in What’s for Lunch? where she has to deal with getting boring food in her tiffin.
  • Join Rahul and Ravi as they race against Sam in The Light Way, Tinkle’s special puzzle to celebrate its 40th anniversary.
  • Also keep an eye out for a jigsaw piece in this issue as Tinkle gears up to turn 40 this year. 
  • And get crafty and creative with Tinkle’s 2020 planner for the new year.

Also Starring:

In Great Trouble a new misfortune befalls Shikari Shambu as he tries to rescue the grizzled giant squirrel in Kerala. Indu and Chetan are trying to uncover the mystery of the Travelling Pants and the robberies in their neighbourhood in the Andamans. WingStar is reluctant to learn martial arts from her mother but when faced with trouble will she be able to Fight without her suit? Laugh out loud at Suppandi’s innovative way to charge Maddy’s phone on a Morning Jog.

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