Tinkle Digest 336
(December 2019)

What’s Special?

  • Detectives Mopes and Purr have been called to rescue a dolphin’s baby in Stowed Away!
  • Also to the rescue is the Bird of Heaven who comes to help Olas when he’s about to starve. Find out how Olas returns the favour.
  • Then read Half-faced Mountain to find out the identity of a strange dumpling seller who stumps some villagers with an enticing offer.
  • Also read how Ina, Mina, Mynah, Mo send their father, Jagannath, back and forth all day to prepare for a vacation in Tickets!

Also starring:

Discover Suppandi’s new funny recipe to make his boss’ life easy in Mango Pickle Made Easy.

Butterfingers has some new neighbours who are giving him a tough time. Find out how he scares them away as he Learns the Guitar.

Kalia the Crow is visiting a goat in the Himalayas. Find out if he saves the goat from a big threat.

King Solomon stuns his doubtful subject with an interesting answer in Solomon the Wise.

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