Tinkle 729
(December 2019)

What’s Special?

Winter is here and so is another brand new issue of Tinkle! Get your hands on a copy for interesting, funny and adventure-filled stories!

  • On International Mountain Day, tag along with Urvi as she looks for her father after she gets Lost in the Crowd.
  • Find out how Ruchi’s boring trip to Jalma Sanctuary turns adventurous when she faces illegal loggers in Thrillers: Timber Tussle this World Wildlife Conservation Day.
  • Join Shikari Shambu in Snow Snapped as he goes on a photography expedition in Manali.


Also Starring:

Tag along with NOISians Aadi and Nadia as they Blackmail Freya without knowing the secret she’s hiding! WingStar follows Ish to save the hostage that he took from the Tinkle anniversary party. Find out what happens next in Happy Ending? Join Suppandi in Restaurant Ruckus where he tries to impress a food critic, and chuckle at Little Suppandi as he brushes his teeth while avoiding any Dental Disturbance.

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