Tinkle Digest 334
(October 2019)

What’s Special?

  • Amar is enjoying himself alone at home but not everything goes according to his plan. Follow Butterfingers to find out what trouble is brewing in Locked Out!
  • Harry and Tia have spent a whole evening making a snowman. But what happens when their snowman is kidnapped? Join them to unravel the mystery in A Snowie Story.
  • The Escaped Convict is wreaking havoc in Machli Vihar! Read Sea Diaries to find out if Starky and Crusty can save their town before they’re captured by the prisoner.
  • Swarit loves singing but his father is not very fond of his talent. Will he be able to sing in a competition or will his dreams be crushed? Find out in A Lesson in Music.

Also starring:

Shikari Shambu is struggling to choose between mowing the lawn and catching a leopard.What will he do when both options could land him in a soup?

Follow a local boy of Switzburg as he tricks The Foolish Baron and teaches him such a lesson that it will leave you in splits.

Join Shyam to find out how he outsmarts the local zamindar by building A House in the Air.

Read about an interesting game devised by The Clever King to select an honest man as the sarpanch of a village.

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