Tinkle 724
(September 2019)

What’s Special?

Explore the new issue of Tinkle for adventure, fantasy and laughter, all packed in one!

  • This Navratri, join Ina Mina Mynah Mo as they deal with their annoying cousins who prank them all the time in Prank Problem.
  • On World Tourism day, our Know-It-All Sam schools Rahul and Ravi on the problem of Too Many Tourists.
  • The Defective Detectives find themselves entangled in yet another case! Will they solve the mystery of the missing ruby in The Palace Problem?
  • Discover what happens when Tantri the Mantri decides to take a relaxing trip to Futan. Find out if trouble awaits him even outside of Hujli in Relax, Relapse.

Also Starring:

Follow the journey of a boy who has only ever wanted a drum. Will he get what he’s looking for? Find out in The Drum. Tag along with Pu’Rani the Mentor in Big Baan as she takes a walk down memory lane and narrates the story ofhow she met her monitor lizards. The YogYodhas’ quest to defeat Ugra continues. Will they finally reach her stronghold and emerge victorious? Find out in Coup. Suppandi and Maddy join the gym! Laugh out loud at their antics in Gym Trouble. And chuckle at Little Suppandi who seems to think he is quite good at Simple Maths.

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