Tinkle Digest 333
(September 2019)

What’s Special?

  • Read The Legend of Shikari Shambu to find out how Shambu became a famous shikari, with the help of a leopard and village locals.
  • Tantri the Mantri has gifted Raja Hooja his grandfather’s statue. Find out what plan he is cooking behind that gift and whether he will succeed in The Tumbling Statues.
  • Amar is really excited to participate in a school play. How Butterfingers and the Caterpillar manage to impress everyone will definitely make you laugh.
  • Rahul and Ravi are hot on the trail of a criminal. Follow the Defective Detectives and the Mastermind to find out if they solve the crime or get into trouble.  

Also starring:

Join Aparna and her dog, Nero, as they stumble upon something astonishing in the field in The Unexpected Find!

Follow ZimZim and Gotala to find out who falls into trouble amidst a fight with The Rebounding Spell.

Suppandi has been sent to buy a wig for his boss. Find out whether his choice is a Close Match or not.

Follow the story of a clever woman who Outsmarted a thief and used his help to get back something she lost.

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