Tinkle 722
(August 2019)

What’s Special?

The newest issue of Tinkle is here! Grab your copy today for a dose of laughter, fun and adventure!

  • This Janmashtami, Ravi and Rahul, the Defective Detectives,have a whacky new case to solve! Help them find the pot thief and laugh out loud along the way in Something’s Stirring.
  • Join Ina Mina Mynah Mo as they try to set up a food stall for Parsi New Year. Without Bina’s help, will they succeed? Find out in Stalled.
  • Discover some cool facts about space as our Know-it-All Sam busts some myths in Give Me Some Space!

Also Starring:

Neel has a needlework test which he hasn’t prepared for! What happens next? Find out in Easy Way Out. VidyAshray is under siege! Check out what strategies the YogYodhas adopt to tackle Ugra’s army in Flight. Discover what happens when ZeeZee, a civet, tries to catch up on her sleep in Big Baan: Slumber Bummer. Help DeadHit as she tails Dushtabuddhi as per Tantri’s instructions in Tantri the Mantri: Keep an Eye on Him.

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