Tinkle Digest 332
(August 2019)

What’s Special?

  • Rahul and Ravi. better known as the Defective Detectives, have been called upon to solve a mystery. Can they save an old man from being poisoned, or will the case take the better of them? Find out in Gassed.
  • Amar’s principal will be joining them on their school picnic. Will he spoil their fun or will Amar be able to stir up trouble for everyone in spite of his principal? Join Butterfingers in Ooty and find out.
  • Duke Hans Gustafsson only needs to say Bjorn, My Boy and his personal imp is ready to serve him. But what will Hans do when Bjorn vanishes without warning one day?
  • A vagabond with a terrible toothache finally gets help from a stranger. However, is there a solution to his problem or is this stranger just after Temujin’s Magic Tooth?

Also starring:

Can Suppandi guard a bank and keep his job? Find out in With Arms!

Dr. Quack is passing by a cemetery when The Coffin decides to follow him. What happens next will stun you.

Follow Tainee, Crusty and Starky as they fight to protect Jal Vihar in Sea Diaries: Deep Sea Monster!

A village chief has a clever trick up his sleeve to help the village children get back The Mango Tree. Read on to find out what he does.

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