Tinkle 721
(August 2019)

What’s Special?

Dive into a brand new issue of Tinkle for adventure, fantasy and laughter, all packed in one!

  • This Friendship Day, learn about some Unlikely Friendships that form amongst animals through our Know-It-All Sam.
  • On World Elephant Day, find out how Shikari Shambu plans to escape from Toxica’s clutches with the help of his elephant friend in Trunk Trouble.
  • A vampire family moving into a human neighbourhood equals utter chaos! In Thrillers: Nightmare Neighbourhood, join Inia, Sibi and Anna as they try to fit in with humans!

Also Starring:

Laugh out loud at NOISians Aadi, Nadia, Dheer and Rayna as they run around the school to look for a new teacher who has gone Missing. Go on an adventure with Grandpa Buckly and Flisty as they try to spook human children in Spook Dreams. WingStar has fallen out of favour with the newspapers! Discover how she deals with it in Turning a Corner. And chuckle at Suppandi’s antics in Can’t See Straight and Punishment.

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