Tinkle 720
(July 2019)

What’s Special?

The newest issue of Tinkle is here! Grab the copy today for a whole bunch of humorous and thrilling stories!

  • Kalia is back, much to the confusion of Pu’Rani and her gang! Watch what happens as a Welcome Party is thrown for him in Big Baan.
  • Join Know-It-All Mynah as she educates Mo on the successful people who were bullied while growing up and how they dealt with it in Hold Up, Bullies!
  • This World Tiger Day, tag along with Mina, Mynah and Mo as they try to gather money for a tiger-spotting safari ride! Check out Ina Mina Mynah Mo: Spotted Stripes to know how they fare.
  • Are you brimming with ideas for the Tinkle Toons? Then participate in the IdeaStar Contest 2019 to win prizes worth Rs. 10,000/- and a chance to get featured in Tinkle.

Also Starring:

Ravi and Rahul. the Defective Detectives have found a new case of missing milk! Tag along with them in Milk Wars to find out what bizarre turn this will take! Discover what happens when Tantri the Mantri goes undercover to pacify the people of Kaddur in Undercover Unrest. Watch The Foxy Rabbit try to outsmart a fox into giving up his food. Join the YogYodhas as they tackle Ugra’s army which has been sent to destroy VidyAshray in Siege. Laugh out loud as Suppandi tries to help a customer in Shirt Alert, and then Maddy in Burn Out!

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