Tinkle Digest 331
(July 2019)

What’s Special?

  • Horus’ backyard is under attack by talking plants! Follow his Puppy Chronicles as he tries his best to defend Earth from these aliens.
  • A cat creates troubles for Amar as it lands in his house. To add to that, his mother loses an earring. What happens next? Find out in Butterfingers and the Lunch Box.
  • Join Palak Ghosh, a budding journalist, as she tries to find out how garbage ends up in a water tank. Can she put an end to this Water Threat before it’s too late?
  • ZimZim and Gotala are at each other’s throats again. Will Gotala be able to help the three youngsters who found the Meteorite before ZimZim gets them?

Also starring:

Suppandi has started working in the zoo now. Find out if this means Freedom for the animals.

Jagannath has started a healthy chapter in his life with Ina, Mina, Mynah and Mo. Join him as he chants Run, Girls, Run.

Tantri the Mantri has another plan up his sleeve. This time he will take the throne when Hooja participates in The Bull Run.

Lalchand has lost all his gold coins. Can the wise Maharaj help turn around The Miser’s Luck?

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