Tinkle 719
(July 2019)

What’s Special?

Back-to-school season is here! Vacation fun might be at its end, but fret not because Tinkle’s newest issue is here to brighten your fortnight! Check it out for a lot of fun-filled stories, exciting contests and much more.

  • Are you brimming with ideas for the Tinkle Toons? Then participate in the IdeaStar Contest 2019 to win prizes worth Rs. 10,000/- and a chance to be featured in Tinkle.
  • The Tinkle Skytable is here to rescue you from your drab, old timetable. Go on cloudy adventures as you fly up high with the Tinkle Toons!
  • Tag along with Know-It-All Sam as she educates Ravi and Rahul on some Wimbledon Wonders.
  • This World UFO Day, don’t miss out on the action as Breneyl and Kana try to cover an alien story for their news channel. Check out Thrillers: Fishy Farm to find out more.

Also Starring:

JoinWingStar in Saving the World Cup as Indian cricket team captain, Kiran Vohli, is kidnapped! What happens when ace student Tara decides to trade her skills for cool things from her classmates? Find out in The Barter. Toxica strikes again in Not So Safe! This time, with Shaurya up against him, what will Shikari Shambu do? Tag along with NOISians Aadi and Nadia as they deal with their Punishment for ruining the school’s reputation at the Open House. And tickle your bones when you find out what happens when Suppandi faces Diet Demands and A Scary Proposition!

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