Tinkle Digest 330
(June 2019)

What’s Special?

  • Siblings Dora, Oswald, Dicky, Alice, Noel and Horace Octavius are getting ready for bed. But then they hear noises from downstairs… when their house should be empty! Watch them figure out how to deal with The Robber and the Burglar.
  • A vain Native American chief is convinced he is the greatest in the world. Then he meets his match in a baby! Learn along with him Why the Baby Says Goo Goo.
  • Gopal the musician is warned against singing Raga Ahiri because doing so would prevent him from eating. Will this warning come true? Find out in A Pat on the Back of Ahiri.
  • Butterfingers Gets Going to Ladakh on vacation. Unfortunately, a theft puts his holiday plans in danger. How will he save his vacation now?

Also starring:

Meera Thinks Twice to outwit a gang of notorious dacoits in her small town.

Kiyil-Kihi and his wife live all alone at the edge of the forest. Kiyil-Kihi goes looking for other people for company. Find out if he’s successful in The Two Brothers.

Two boys ask their bus driver to inform them when they reach Baroda. When the driver forgets, it’s up to him to make a Return Journey.

Ramlal goes shopping for a new shirt. However, the shopkeeper tries to cheat him with something called Trial Fees. Will Ramlal fall for the scam?

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