Tinkle 717
(June 2019)

What’s Special?

The brand new issue of Tinkle is here! Enjoy your vacations with this fun-filled and action-packed issue!

  • Celebrate Global Day of Parents with Mir as he tries to do something special for his parents on Eid in Double the Sweetness.
  • This World Environment Day, cheer for Ryan, the ghost who only whispers, as he tries to prove his worth in Thrillers: The Nicest Ghost.
  • The ICC Cricket World Cup is here and our Know-It-All Sam is ready to dazzle Rahul and Ravi with some trivia about the World Cup in Take a Shot!


Also Starring:

Shikari Shambu comes face-to-face with Toxica again! Find out how he tackles her and her ‘mysterious rescuer’ in The ‘Toxic’ Trap. WingStar unexpectedly finds Biak Sailo and Man Mountain at her home after being removed from the Starlition. Discover what happens next in A Tale of Two Monkeys. Tag along with NOISians Aadi and Nadia as they try to find out more about the history of their school in Envy. And chuckle at Suppandi’s antics in Metro Mania and Eating Habits.

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