Tinkle Digest 329
(May 2019)

What’s Special?

  • Janoo and Wooly Woo are gearing up for a magical ceremony. But a devious villain has stolen one of the suns needed for the ceremony! Will Janoo find out who in The Cave of No Hope?
  • A wandering minstrel advises Pyarelal to count sparrows. When he becomes obsessed with that, Lajo thinks he has lost his mind. Or is he on to something? Find out in Pyarelal and the Sparrows.
  • Rahul and Ravi, the Defective Detectives, go camping during bad weather. Just when they think their trip is ruined, they stumble upon some Intruders. Now it’s up to the boys to save the day!
  • A new and powerful animal seems to have invaded Rabbit’s home! Now what? Join Rabbit and every single animal in the forest as they try to get rid of The Uninvited Guest.

Also starring:

Jagannath has suddenly taken to exercising every day. Join Ina, Mina, Mynah, Mo as they Sweat It Out with him.

Can you track down an important item and crack The Case of the Missing Diary? If so, join in on The Adventures of Nina!

Raja Hooja’s nephew, a prankster, is visiting Hujli. With The Practical Joker around, how will Tantri the Mantri put his latest plan to the test?

Popatlal the miser gives everyone a headache. Until a young man decides to use Shadow Play to teach him a lesson.

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