Tinkle 713
(April 2019)

What’s Special?

Explore the new issue of Tinkle for a bout of adventure, fantasy and laughter, all in one!

  • Join Aaryan and Shruti as they try to pull off a classic April Fool’s Day prank in False Identities.
  • This International Children’s Book Day, tag along with our Know-It-All Sam as she tells Rahul and Ravi all about how different authors get inspiration for their stories. 
  • Find out what happens when a fun fest is unexpectedly turned into a Fear Fest by the ‘People Against Fun’. Will WingStar manage to save the day?

Also Starring:    

Nadia’s and Aadi’s parents are visiting them in school. Will it be as much fun as Nadia hopes it will be? Or will it be as disappointing as Aadi believes it will be? Find out in NOIS: Family Day. Help Shikari Shambu find his way through an escape room in No Way Out. Watch stand-up comics Varun and Juhi perform for an unexpected audience in ModMythos: The Last Laugh. If that doesn’t tickle your funny bone then laugh out loud at Mr. Pickwick’s adventure in the The Pickwickian Show.

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