Tinkle 711
(March 2019)

What’s Special?

Exam season is here which means it’s a nerve-wracking time. Dive into the brand new issue of Tinkle and defeat those stress monsters with laughter and cheer!

  • Imran is struggling to memorize his history lessons. Making it harder to concentrate on his studies is a house full of guests! Find out what happens next in Study Rush.
  • Tag along with our Know-It-All Sam as she tries to teach Ravi and Rahul unique ways of preparing for their exams in Study Buddies.
  • Go on an adventure with Abha and Jashna as their exam stress takes the form of actual monsters in Monster Menace.

Also Starring:

What happens when Shikari Shambu has a bad case of sleeplessness just before an important trip? Check out in Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Tag along with Nadia as she finds out what Aadi has been up to in NOIS: Sneak Peek. Join WingStar and Mad Mixer as they go out on their first quest as part of the Starlition in All Aboard. Cheer Anas on as Abha Ma’am teaches him an invaluable lesson in The Art Student. And laugh at Suppandi’s crazy antics in Milkshake Chronicle and Hygiene High Jinks.

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