Tinkle 710
(February 2019)

What’s Special?

Dive into this fresh new Tinkle issue for fun-filled and action-packed stories!

  • Kalia the Crow series is now Big Baan. More animals, more adventures. Check out the first story of the new Big Baan series, The Big Drift.
  • This International Mother Language Day, Ravi and Rahul try to outsmart our Know-It-All Sam in Language Luggage.
  • Jeenal is suddenly excluded from her friends’ plans for a mysterious reason. Cheer her on as she tries to decipher their moves in Locked In Translation.
  • Get ready to pump up the madness with The Defective Detectives as they acquire a trunk full of crazy spy gadgets in Upgrade Error!

Also Starring:

This Hujli Day, tag along with Tanri the Mantri and Deadhit in their new plans to take over the throne in The Distraction! Bir and Bala’s Praanis teach them an invaluable lesson in YogYodhas: Partners. Giggle away with Suppandi’s hilarious stories. And go on an out-of-this-world adventure with Q-ti and T-na in Space Heroes!

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