Tinkle 708
(January 2019)

What’s Special?

Dive into the brand new Tinkle issue with everyone’s beloved Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh!

  • Get to know Ranveer a little better with his Tinkle Spotlight interview.
  • Go on an exciting adventure with Ranveer, Shambu, Suppandi and Tantri in All in a Day’s Work.
  • This Republic Day trek up the Viper Mountain in Andaman with sisters, Sneha and Sreyanshi in Hiked Up!
  • On World Puzzle Day, Tantri the Mantri has plans to shove King Hooja into a deadly game in Failed Resolutions. Will he succeed? Read on.

Also Starring:

Mind Your Mind as you tag along with Ravi and Rahul, the Defective Detectives on another loony case. Watch as Chamataka undergoes a personality change in Kalia the Crow: Unfruitful. Laugh out loud with hilarious Suppandi stories. Read as Know-It-All Sam debunks some surprising myths in Body of Lies. Prepare to be awed as sibling YogYodhas, Bir and Bala begin their Training.

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