Tinkle Digest 325
(January 2019)

What’s Special?

  • Ram Singh has a debt to repay but no money to do so. When he meets DeenDayal, Clearing a Debt suddenly becomes far simpler.
  • A magic kettle proves to be more troublesome than helpful when it suddenly turns into an animal! Read on to find out if The Kettle will ever be tamed.
  • Wicked Bhootnath is determined to capture a ghost. But all the ghosts he encounters turn out to be much trickier than he imagined in Bhootnath and Vetal.
  • Read the chilling and thrilling tale of Captain Ranveer as he is captured and tortured by enemies. Will his attempts to escape succeed? Find out in Beyond Borders.

Also starring:

Gangu has a lot of questions. And if you can’t answer Gangu’s Questions, you’ll land in a heap of trouble!

The Lady of Stavoren wants to find The Most Precious Thing in the World. But her quest might just put her in grave danger.

Butterfingers’ class is given a special project. As usual, Butter’s antics turn everything topsy-turvy in Butterfingers and the Cactus.

Shanti has Shambu hypnotized in the hopes of making him more active. However, things take an unexpected turn in Shikari Shambu and the Hypnotist.

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