Tinkle Digest 323
(November 2018)

What’s Special?

  • Ms. Pushpa’s class is plagued with pranks. How will she and the other teachers make The Prankster confess?
  • A usually jovial barber narrates horror stories to only one customer. Read Hair-Raising Tales to find out why.
  • Manu goes to the dog fair without his puppy, Raghuram (also known as Rags). But Rags Walks the Ramp nonetheless. Read on to know how that happens.
  • When Suppandi visits a bookstore, tag along with him to know more about his Insomnia Adventures.

Also starring:

How will the doctor treat a patient who is only imagining being sick? Find out in A Sure Cure.

Hang out with a villager visiting a city for the first time and discover The Magic Lift.

A poor priest is about to lose The King’s Gift because of his greed. How will he save the situation?

An Idler’s Aim seems absolutely hopeless to his wife. But then how does he return with a pot of gold one day? Follow him to know what happens.

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