Tinkle 703
(November 2018)

What’s Special?

Light up your November with the Tinkle’s Anniversary issue!

  • This Children’s Day joinMapuiand her family on their holiday. But their plans for relaxation might be cut short thanks to two dangerous and unexpected visitors in WingStar: Light It Up!
  • The Toons are getting together at an old fort to celebrate Tinkle’s 38th Anniversary and Diwali. But they’d better beware, because The Phantom of the Fort is planning to gatecrash this party!
  • Vote for all your favourite Toons, covers, stories and more in Tinkle Awards 2018!
  • Escape boredom Tinkle style with the exciting board game, Tinkle Get-A-Way!
  • Go ona thrilling adventure with Aisha and her nervous wreck of a friend, Aakash, in the super special IdeaStar SuperWeirdos: Kat Kat Kat!

Also Starring:

Join Aadi and Nadia as they go on a school trip while trying to dodge some serious trouble at the same time in NOIS: The Outing!

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