Tinkle Digest 322
(October 2018)

What’s Special?

  • Who is Pyarelal’s New Friend and how will they catch the thief who is terrorizing the villagers?
  • A shepherd consistently disobeys a Russian King’s rule about what should be said when he sneezes. Find out how the disobedient shepherd is dealt with in the Expensive Sneeze.
  • Rohit must go to The Weird Old Lady’s house to get his ball back. His friends say she is a witch. What is Rohit walking into! Read on to know what happens.
  • Pranav’s Dadi has taken responsibility for planning and hosting a football tournament victory party. Find out with Pranav and his friends how fun This Party will be!
  • A mother-in-law takes the easy way out and feeds her son-in-law plain rice since his favourite foods are all rice based. He decides to exact revenge. Know how that ends in Tit for Tat.

Also starring:

Once Upon A Time humans and nature were in such harmony that grain would deliver itself to their granaries. Find out what changed, that now humans have to toil for their harvest.

Fed up of their pet parrot, Lalmon’s, mischievous ways the Sharma family has planned to send him to Meerut. Watch as ‘Chor’ Lalmon Plays Policeman to know if he can change their mind.

A husband and wife disagree upon the number of donkeys they have. Has there been a subtraction or an addition and how? See what you can figure about The Seventh Donkey.

Chamataka and Doob Doob lure the rabbits, Keechu and Meechu to a boatful of carrots. How will Kalia the Crow save them once they’re sailing down the river?

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