Tinkle Digest 321
(September 2018)

What’s Special?

  • Jim invests a fortune in his love for food, only to fall ill because of it. Watch him discover The Secret of a Good Appetite which paves his way to recovery.
  • Who, between the cattle egret and the buffalo, will win The Great Water Drinking Competition? Read to know more about the stakes and result.
  • How will an egg and a lump of salt help The Wrestler defeat a mighty, ruthless giant? Follow the boastful wrestler to find out about the confrontation.
  • Will Vasanti and Bhogilal be able to protect their flowers from their neighbour’s hens? Discover An Eggcellent Trick with them to know what happens.
  • Learn how to shop for The perfect Mosquito Net with Suppandi.

Also starring:

Amar Sen a.k.a Butterfingers and the Centipede accidentally land a classmate in trouble with a teacher. Peek into the classroom to see if Amar manages to save the day.

A rude woman turns a wizard away. Only to invite him home after seeing his generous blessing. Will she be blessed in gold or a change of heart? Read Just Deserts to know.

Tantri the Mantri thinks he’s only a short bridge away from getting rid of King Hooja. Read on to know if his scheme works?

Learn all about Show Business from the horse’s…uh…Television’s mouth.

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