Tinkle 698
(August 2018)

What’s Special?

Get ready for a festival of fun withthe new issue of Tinkle!

  • Join Buchki as she travels to Bihar. But wherever she goes, the Booligans follow! Find out which new ghosts she will encounter in Double Trouble.
  • Ride the waves of some of the most adventurous books with Story Surfers: Advenscape!
  • Unleash your inner artist and writer in the exciting Tinkle GagStar Contest!
  • Take cover! It’s raining coconuts in Hujli. But who’s behind this strange shower? Meet Tantri’s deadliest new weapon, Deadhit in Tantri the Mantri: Tech Trouble!
  • What happens when Abu Hasan farts at his own wedding?! Dive into the hilarious Tale of Abu Hasan, an Arabic folk tale from 1001 Nights.
  • Hunt for a sneaky shoe thief with Rahul and Ravi in Defective Detectives: Shoe Sleuths

Also Starring:

Meet The Unluckiest Girl and watch her world turn around. Flex your brain muscles with fun and tricky puzzles in Pic(k) Your Brain. Tag along with Remi as she tries to uncover the secret behind strange disappearances at sea in Curio’sea’ty. And laugh till your stomach hurts with Fun-A-Thon!

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