Tinkle 697
(August 2018)

What’s Special?

Set sail in the ocean of fun stories and features with Tinkle!

  • On International Left Hander’s Day, join Ananya’s two friends who’ll make her see the world through a different lens in Left Out!
  • Celebrate Friendship Day with Know-It-Alls Sam and Mynah. Read as these two eternal rivals tell you all about some of history’s most famous Friends Forever.
  • This Independence Day let your Curio’sea’ty rein free. Tag along with Remi as she tries to uncover the secret behind strange disappearances at sea.
  • Unleash your inner artist and writer in the exciting Tinkle GagStar Contest!

 Also Starring:

Join Hujli’s wily minister, Tantri as he welcomes the queen mother in Tantri the Mantri: Mama’s Boy with disastrous results. Help Doob Doob find his defence mechanism in Kalia the Crow: Defence Dilemma. Discover what’ll happen when The Warlock’s Ghoul enters a talent show. Indulge in some Self Reflection with Bani and Toni as they enter the topsy-turvy Mirror World. And help Billy escape a deadly virtual world in Dental Diaries: Ever After?!

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