Tinkle 696
(July 2018)

What’s Special?

Get ready to roar with laughter with Tinkle’s second issue of July!

  • Shambu and jungle warrior Shaurya are faced with a deadly new villain. Will The Toxic Toxica defeat our two jungle heroes with her arsenal of deadly weapons?
  • Ayushi is headed back to school but she has no clue of the turn of events in store for her. Get ready to be shocked along with Ayushi in Surprise Surprise!
  • Packing to head back to school but can’t find your pens? With this Do-It-Yourself: Rolled Paper Pen Stand your precious pens will never go missing again!
  • Enjoy this World Tiger Day, Pic(k) Your Brains with some exciting puzzles!

Also Starring:

Read the success story of Milton Humason, The Improbable Star who went from a simple muleskinner to a brilliant astronomer. Help Wai Knot fix the school library, in his own chaotic way, in For Future Reference. Witness how a small misunderstanding puts shade over the Sun in What’s the Buzz?! Meet the Etruscan gods with Keya and Kushal in A Trial in Tuscany.Throw the most epic birthday party with Sheroy, Natasha and Farzeen in Uncooped. And take off on another thrilling adventure with WingStar: Yellow! Orange! Red!

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